Debt & Income Planning

Being in debt is a choice. People choose to make these purchases knowing that they would eventually need to make some effort to pay back these debts at a future time. Unfortunately people can fall into a debt trap when not being careful with their debt purchases. This section will contain a basic introduction to what steps are needed to move from having debt to being debt free with what income you currently have.

What Leads People Into Debt

People, who are struggling in debt and make a decision that they will get out of debt, need to begin with knowing why they fell into debt in the first place. They need to start with this to put a description to how the debt started in the first place, so that they will not fall again into debt. If it is shopping that caused the debt problem, then the shopping needs to be contained in order to not fall again into debt.

How People Get Out of Debt


Paying the Principle

Cutting the Debt Spending

Life After Debt

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