Education Planning

College expenses are one of the largest purchases a family will need to prepare for in order to give the most opportunity for their family. Whether if the plan is to pay for your child's primary school, college, or even your own education; planning for these expenses is the first part of the investment for your future.

Beginning the Plan for Education Expenses

When starting to plan for education expenses, you need to begin like you would with any other section of a financial plan, with an analysis. An analysis will need to determine the total costs, the timeline for the plan, and the investment strategy for meeting funding goals.

Determining the Total Cost

Accounting for College Inflation

College expenses are not the same every year. These expenses have shot up dramatically over the past decades and unfortunately this rate is not indexed to inflation. In most recent cases, the expenses have been increased faster than the rate of inflation.

How Long Until Funds Are Needed

The Investment Strategy for Plan

Other Sources of Funds: Scholarships, Grants, and Loans

Implementing and Monitoring the Plan

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